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Revised  - April 27, 2017; Written by: Valorie Sands-Budelis  - July 9, 2011

Typical Options: 10 Mbps Ethernet, 100 Mb Ethernet, 10g Ethernet


A State-of-the-Art Solution for 10mbps ethernet Service


Today's fast-paced business environment demands that small- and mid-sized companies contain costs  and stay ahead-of-the-curve by looking to solutions like 10mbps ethernet  for  reliable and fast connectivity infrastructure.

As business’ compete for information-hungry consumers   work to provide employees with a solid foundation  for sophisticated communications, and expand geographically to serve  multi-office and even inter-global locations – the growing popularity of 10mbps ethernet  as the state-of-the art, Fast Ethernet solution confirms that the Age of the 10mbps ethernet  Solution has truly arrived. 

More than just a trend, – the popularity of Ethernet usage in a speed like 10mbps ethernet  has grown to  quickly and reliably  meet the needs for more and faster bandwidth. 

A 10mbps ethernet  solution translates into more cost-effective bandwidth with improved reliability, quality, and speed – enabling business' to conduct e-commerce,  transmit or transfer mission-critical data, send and receive medical records, streaming video, and conduct videoconferencing – just to name a few of the ways that 10mbps ethernet  serves best.

 T1’s and DS3’s had been the most popular  state-of-the-art solution for more than a decade, particularly for  small-to-mid-size businesses. Today, an Ethernet solution like 10mbps ethernet  can mean more bandwidth for lower cost – on a per Mbps basis. Although Ethernet availability is spreading rapidly around the country, for each location, it’s necessary to check Ethernet  availability and to compare carrier pricing to determine the best cost option at a specific location.

:  Different Ethernet options (EoC, EoDS1, and fiber) have different cost structures and different carriers also have different cost structures.  Your cost at any given location depends on which carriers have facilities in place to serve the location and which type of Ethernet solution they are able to provide at that location. Our automated quote tool, Geoquote, above, helps you perform price comparisons for 10mbps ethernet .

Case Study A

Multi-locations in remote, rural area (not a good location for 10 Mbps)

Business A, a research firm located in a remote, rural area,  installed a  T1 soon after start-up,  more than three years ago.  Although it served them well, they now anticipate adding applications like video conferencing and transferring mission-critical data to new and growing additional locations that require additional bandwidth. Their building has no fiber, and they are too far from their phone company central office for Ethernet-over-copper to work.

Tech savvy – they really had their eye on a  state-of-the-art, cost effective solution like 10 Mbps Ethernet.  But for their location, it wasn't possible. When  they returned once again to their consultant at  Persimmon Telecommunications for advice they learned that   a bonded T1 would provide them with 3 Mbps, 4 T1s are good for 6 Mbps, and 7 T1’s could provide up to the required 10 Mbps.

Since they were too far from any existing cable, fiber or Central Office,  Persimmon found the best carrier for their most cost effective  solution    a  bonded T1.. Perhaps by the time the bonded T1 contract is up, there will be 10mbps ethernet options available at their location.

Note:  If your business is located within a large metropolitan area, a point-to-point 10 Mbps solution will likely be a  better choice than staying with a bonded T1 –  since Ethernet costs are generally lower on a per Mbps basis – especially as bandwidth increases. For example, that 10Mbps connection you have your eye on – might cost less than half of the price of a 10.5 Mbps bonded T1 and it will is likely to be upgradeable to higher bandwidths .


Case Study B

Multi-locations near a large city 

A few months before their bonded T1 contract was set to expire, this profitable outplacement firm, located in the densely populated NJ Route 1 Corridor, looked to their local Consultant at Persimmon Telecommunications to guide their upcoming decision. They inquired first  about a Fast Ethernet 10Mbs solution to meet the needs of a planned near-term expansion  into additional domestic metropolitan locations and to serve   increased usage of bandwidth hungry applications fueled by applications like  video-conferencing for interviews and between offices.   With in-ground Ethernet already in place in their location.  Their Consultant at Persimmon Telecommunications confirmed that 10 Mbps Fast Ethernet would be a great fit. He quickly identified the carrier that could offer them the most cost-effective 10 Mbps Metro Ethernet solution that satisfied all their requirements -- more than doubling their previous  bandwidth at a lower cost per meg than their with their previous  bonded T1 Contract. 


Case Study C

Financial Institution in Metro Area

“Persimmon Telecommunications helped us efficiently evaluate our options based on a detailed needs and cost analysis. Our consultant, Joe Budelis,  quickly identified a  Metro 10mbps ethernet   solution  that was cost-effective and highly competitive in providing the highest capacity and functionality we required including low latency, disaster recovery and business continuity.  We walked away happy.”

Joe notes that, like this finance firm, many industries with similar high capacity, low latency requirements include entertainment, media, and social networking -- all with high bandwidth needs for  production, post-production, and editing where collaboration is frequent and means sending huge digital files back and forth. It's not just financial services anymore that  use the larger bandwidth pipes. Expanding use of shared cloud computing & centralized private clouds along with increased consumer demand for bandwidth are major driving factors in many industries.


The Trend to 10 Mbps


Currently, a trend to 10 Mbps Ethernet supports the connectivity evolution of many companies who have outgrown their T1s.. 

Why 10 Mbps?

10 Mbps -Cost effective

           While a 3 Mbps connection costs about the same as a T1, it provides 200% more bandwidth – a 10 Mbps setup can connect two point-to-point business locations, offers dedicated Internet access, and allows for a ramp up to the a larger network, the Cloud,  for expanded national or international connectivity.

10 Mbps -The Bottom line

Mid-sized or small business that utilize applications like video conferencing, web hosting or other services with higher bandwidth requirements are finding they need at least 10 Mbps and that they can get such bandwidth upgrades at a cost  that is  not much more than previous T1 contracts.

Why 10 Mbps?

As business applications grow more complex, bandwidth needs expand.  The 1.5 Mbps your T1 provides cannot accommodate many new bandwidth-hungry business applications.

In many locations, a 3 Mbps Ethernet connection will cost about the same as a 1.5 Mbps T1...but for    something like twice that cost, you can have 10 Mbps in many locations.

Is 10mbps ethernet available in your Area?

How do you determine if 10mbps ethernet is available in your area? Today several competitive service providers in metropolitan areas offer 10mbps ethernet.

To find quickly find what Ethernet services are available  in your area and compare pricing :

Complete the form above or contact Joe Budelis at Persimmon Telecommunications, specializing in cost-effective solutions  like 10mbps ethernet.  Whatever your data and/or voice Telecommunications carrier service needs, he can find the best solution for your business.

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